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$ 22.99

FEAR - "Live For The Record" 30th Anniversary 2 x CD Limited Edition.  Autographed by Lee Ving version also available.

CD 1: -  The Complete KPFK Show Recorded 12/21/85

  1. KPFK Radio Intro / Insturmental
  2. The Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble Today With Women Is)
  3. More Beer
  4. Have A Beer With FEAR
  5. We are the Bud Club
  6. Fuck Christmas
  7. Responsibility
  8. I Am A Doctor
  9. Bomb The Russians
  10. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  11. Hey
  12. What Are Friends For?
  13. Null Detector
  14. Welcome To The Dust Ward
  15. Give Me Some Action
  16. Waiting For The Meat
  17. Camarillo
  18. New York's Alright (If You Like Saxaphones)
  19. Beef Bologna
  20. Foreign Policy
  21. We Destroy The Family
  22. I Don't Care About You
  23. Let's Have A War
  24. I Love Living In The City
  25. KPFK Radio Outro


CD 2:  - Metropolis, Portland Oregon 9/18/82 (Previously Unreleased)

  1. Give Me Some Action
  2. Camarillo
  3. Beef Bologna
  4. No More Nothing
  5. Foreign Policy
  6. Do Me Some Damage
  7. We Destroy The Family
  8. Strangulation
  9. Waiting For The Meat
  10. Welcome To The Dust Ward
  11. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  12. I Don't Care About You
  13. Disconnected
  14. Fresh Flesh
  15. I Love Living In The City
  16. Let's Have A War
  17. Mengele
  18. Fuck Christmas
  19. FEAR Anthem
  20. Waiting For The Gas