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FEAR - More Beer 35th Anniversary 3 x LP Limited Edition.  IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING:

Green Vinyl Limited to 100 copies. Will not be re-printed on this color. Limit two per customer please.  No wholesale on Green Vinyl. Orders for more than two copies or wholesalers will be instantly cancelled and refunded. In stock and ships immediately. PLEASE NOTE: Labels on disc 3 say sides 1 and 2. Discs 1 and 3 ARE DIFFERENT. This will be corrected in future pressings.  NO stock remain on Black / Clear or Orange.

LP 1:

Side A:
1. The Mouth Don’t Stop (The Trouble Today With Women Is)
2. Responsibility
3. More Beer
4. Hey
5. Strangulation

Side B:
1. I Am A Doctor
2. Have A Beer With FEAR
3. Bomb The Russians
4. Welcome To The Dust Ward
5. Null Detector
6. Waiting For The Meat

LP 2:

Side A:
1. I am A Doctor (Alternate Version)
2. Acid Rain (Early Version of Have A Beer With FEAR)
3. Hey (Rough Mix)
4. Waiting For the Meat (Rough Mix)
5. Bomb The Russians (Rough Mix)
6. Strangulation (Rough Mix)

Side B:
1. The Mouth Don’t Stop (The Trouble Today With Women Is) - (Rough Mix)
2. More Beer (Rough Mix)
3. Responsibility (Rough Mix)
4. I Am A Doctor (Rough Mix)
5. Welcome To The Dust Ward (Alternate Version)
6. Null Detector (Rough Mix)
7. Alternate Philo Chicken Song / Dialog (Unreleased)


LP 3:  Spit Stix 2020 Remix (Same Track Listing as LP 1)  All tracks unreleased.
Labels are misprinted as Side A and Side B.  The discs are different.  Please listen to them before contacting us.